Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many kids are in the group?

    We are recruiting groups of up to 10 people. By adhering to this rule, we ensure a comfortable class where everyone has enough room in the gym and attention from the trainer.

  • When can I enroll my son with you if you don't have a spot available right now?

    Please leave your contact information and preferences for a class group in any way you like. We will be able to contact you as soon as there are vacancies available

  • My child wants to start break dancing, but I'm worried about his safety. How injury-prone is this kind of dancing?

    Certain elements of break dance look quite impressive from the outside, but you do not have to worry, because we come to all complex tricks gradually and with great care. In addition, our halls have all the necessary equipment to ensure safety during the training process.

  • We want to train specifically for break dance competitions, do you prepare for that?

    Yes, all our coaches, in addition to dance regalia, also have a judging category, which allows them to train children specifically for competitions. For such purposes, individual lessons are perfect!

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