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Personal dance lessons


For teens and kids over 4 years old

Hip-hop dance is a Fusion dance genre with influences older street dance styles created in the 1970s. These include uprock, breaking, and the funk styles.


For teens and kids over 4 years old

Breaking is a style of street dancing that incorporates coordination, acrobatic and intricate body movements, style, and aesthetics. It evolved from the hip hop movement during the early 1970s and is the most widely known of all hip hop dance styles.

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At KIDS IN THE BEAT Dance School, we're excited to offer exclusive, personalized Hip-Hop and Break Dance lessons for children starting from 3 years old to teenagers in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Our private lessons provide an immersive and tailored experience, ensuring each dancer receives the attention and guidance needed to reach their full potential.

Ages 3-6: Introduce your little one to the world of urban beats with our specially curated personal lessons. Our experienced instructors will work closely with your child, combining foundational moves with creative expression in a fun and supportive environment.

Ages 13-18: For teenagers seeking a personalized dance journey, our Hip-Hop and Break Dance lessons offer a unique experience. From mastering intricate moves to cultivating personal style, our expert instructors will tailor each session to unleash the dancer within.

Why Choose Personal Lessons at KIDS IN THE BEAT?

  • Customized Curriculum: Our instructors design a curriculum based on the individual strengths and goals of each dancer.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy the convenience of scheduling lessons that fit seamlessly into your child's routine.
  • Focused Attention: Personalized sessions ensure one-on-one attention, fostering rapid skill development and confidence.

Join KIDS IN THE BEAT Dance School – where every step is a celebration, and personalized dance dreams come to life!

Prices for dance lessons

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from 100$

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