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Hip hop classes


For teens and kids over 4 years old

Hip-hop dance is a Fusion dance genre with influences older street dance styles created in the 1970s. These include uprock, breaking, and the funk styles.


For teens and kids over 4 years old

Individual lessons according to your request. You can choose any convenient time and indicate the purpose of the lesson

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Welcome to the epicenter of Hip-Hop dance excitement at KIDS IN THE BEAT Dance School in Los Angeles! We're thrilled to invite children aged 3 and up, as well as teenagers, to join our vibrant and energetic Hip-Hop dance community. Get ready to move, groove, and express yourself in the coolest dance space in town!

Ages 3-6: Introduce your little ones to the rhythm of the streets with our Tiny Tots Hip-Hop Jam! Led by our expert instructors, these classes combine fun and fundamentals to create a dynamic introduction to the world of Hip-Hop. Watch your child's confidence soar as they bust a move and discover their unique style.

Ages 13-18: For teenagers craving the beats of the city, our Teen Street Groove classes are the ultimate destination! Dive into the dynamic world of Hip-Hop, exploring foundational moves, freestyle expression, and the latest dance trends. Our experienced instructors will guide teens in mastering the art of self-expression through the power of Hip-Hop.

Why Choose KIDS IN THE BEAT for Hip-Hop?

  • Passionate Hip-Hop Instructors: Our dedicated instructors bring their love for Hip-Hop culture to every class, ensuring an authentic and engaging experience.
  • State-of-the-Art Hip-Hop Studios: Dance in style in our cutting-edge studios equipped with the latest sound systems and spacious dance floors for the ultimate Hip-Hop experience.
  • Age-Appropriate Choreography: Our classes feature age-appropriate choreography that allows every dancer, from tiny tots to teenagers, to shine and express themselves.

Join KIDS IN THE BEAT Dance School – where every step is a celebration, and the Hip-Hop groove is unstoppable!

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