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Aleksei Shchechkin

Owner & Main coach in Kids in the beats

What gives us strength to move on is gratitude from satisfied parents, the victory of our students and the school as a whole. Creating a friendly atmosphere in the team, respectful attitude towards employees and clients are one of the key points in achieving success.

Professional experience

Co-founder of the largest breakdancing school in the CIS “SVOI LUDI”
Winner of the Presidential Grand in Russia in 2017 and 2019


  • Dance experience-23 years
  • Best breaking dancer of the CIS in 2005, 2007 and 2010 years
  • Participant in popular dance TV shows, such as "Dancing" on TNT, "So, you think you can dance?" on Ukrainian TV


  • Coaching experience-15 years
  • Leading choreographer and director of back-up dance numbers for top- notch artists in Russia and Ukraine
  • Trained winners of Russian and international championships


  • Received first category judging in acrobatic rock and roll in 2015
  • Received first category judging in break dance in 2021
  • Judged the Russian breaking championships in 2019 and 2020

Articles about Aleksei Shchechkin

Talented dancer Aleksei Shchechkin talks about his successful journey in the profession and the future of breakdancing

Aleksei Shchechkin has been practicing street dancing for 23 years. Starting in the streets of Kostroma, he developed his skills, became a co-founder of a dance school, a member of the Dance Sport Federation of the Kostroma Region, and a judge for the prestigious dance competition Project 818. We asked Aleksei to share his career path and the future of breakdancing.

“Talent is an ability that is achieved through practice,” says dancer and break dance coach Aleksei Shchechkin about well-known projects and trends in breakdance

Aleksei Shchechkin first became passionate about dancing when he was still a teenager, dancing on the streets of his hometown. Today, he is a co-founder of a dance school, a member of the Dance Sport Federation of the Kostroma Region, and a member of the exclusive club of entrepreneurs, the 500 Club. He shared with us his search for inspiration, industry trends, and the most memorable projects throughout his career.

Es un hobby genial, y para algunos, una oportunidad de hacerse famoso en todo el mundo

El talentoso bailarín de break dance Alexey Shchechkin lleva en la profesión desde el año 2000. Durante este tiempo, se ha convertido en director de una escuela de baile, embajador del proyecto nacional "My Business" y ha ganado el concurso de startups "Point of Growth". Alexey compartió su trayectoria en la profesión, mencionó proyectos significativos y habló de las tendencias del sector.

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